Finishes and colours


Unlimited color options

Choose from over thousand colors and color combinations your favorite color and make your front door to an experience. Suitable for everyday and still extraordinary. Create your front door timeless classic or colorful with unusual accents. Make your front door multicolored – without looking colorful.
Give your front door with colors, surface and form a creative impulse. Transform your entrance to an unique home. Your front door becomes the flagship of your personality! Innovative design, modern architecture and imaginative colors make Güwa door-panels to an extraordinary eye-catcher with timeless value.

Relive value

The stone resin has its origin in the spacecraft. It is a development for the aerospace industry. The material is characterized by its very high resistance. It is very easy to care, resistant against all weather influences and ideally suited for outside-use.
The surface is available in three different versions:

Surface finish

Güwa door panels and accessories are made in Germany. The attachment-door-panel is tested and certificated for the best possible thermal insulation for passive house doors. The easy-care and durable stone resin acrylic surface is available in all forms and customer‘s requests for individual combinations in form and color are possible.

  • Struktura surface

    The lightly structured standard version with the hammered effect and the appearance of pearls has the character of a lotus flower. The tasteful structure conceals the everyday dirtness with its natural play of shadow. The structured surface has a special kind of a lotus effect. It refers to the low wettability in the natural structure which is comparable with the observation of lotus plant. Water drips off in drops and taking with it the dirt particles on the surface. Thanks to this self-cleaning ability the door looks after a rain like new and beautiful from the beginning.

  • Setana-surface

    The refined and smooth design has the matte classic elegance of silk. With the timeless surface finish which has a calm charisma every entrance becomes an eye-catcher. A front door with Setana surface adapts to any existing architecture.

  • Splendora surface

    An exclusive trend and a real eye-catcher: High-gloss painted surfaces. By painting with high-gloss paint the door panel gives the entrance a special accent. The mirror effect of high-gloss paint can create a special effect which visually enhance the entrance to the house. Thanks to the improved technology also the new high-gloss painted surfaces also ensure an optimum value maintenance. In combination with selected accessories it creates a timeless fascination for each entrance.

Alle RAL-Farbtone und Son derfarbtöne nach Vorlage

All RAL colors and special colors according to template

Detail Struktura-Oberfläche

Detail Struktura surface

Detail Setana-Oberfläche

Detail of Setana surface

Detail Splendora-Oberfläche

Detail of the Splendora surface


Sunny-feel-good colors

Detail Vergleich Struktura- und Setana-Oberfläche

Detail Comparison of Struktura and Setana surface

Harmonische Farbkombinationen mit RAL-Farbtönen

Harmonious color combinations with RAL color shades


Example: Splendora surface similar to RAL 3005